Rocket Lab Delta

Hobby rocketry was a big part of my life from middle school until early college. I used it to explore:

  • Design & engineering processes
  • Fabrication techniques & composite materials
  • Field prep, planning, and execution

And along the way, I got to travel all over the country with my dad and punch holes in the sky. I wrote two essays about this over at Rocket Lab Delta–the website I made for my re-immersion into the hobby–that go into more detail:

In the past 15 years a lot of has changed in my personal life, the tools and fabrication methods and materials available to a hobbyist, and the entire world of consumer electronics. These changes have had some effect on hobby rocketry but the core of it remains the same and thus both familiar and comforting to me.

I updated my bucket list with some more specific goals for rocketry. However, I’m not just interested in certification, I’d love to move towards mastery of the domain. I would love to be able to serve on a TAP, for example. This means that I can take my time building rockets of various sizes to expand my knowledge and prove out techniques.

I’m looking forward to it.