1. Ten Years of DevOps Obstacles February 24, 2022

    Transforming software delivery is hard


  1. Software Delivery October 15, 2020

    What is software delivery performance and how do you measure it?

  2. What Happens When You Type a URL Into a Browser September 11, 2020

    Some basics of how the Internet works

  3. Rocket Lab Delta June 15, 2020

    Reconnecting with hobby rocketry


  1. RBSC & Architecture Digital Needs November 13, 2013 Archived

    We have evolving needs for our digital services. Let’s find a way to meet them.

  2. Glossary of Terms February 19, 2013 Archived

    Every domain has its own vocabulary. For the sake of clarity I’ve documented what I mean when I use these words.

  3. Service & Application Management February 18, 2013 Archived

    This is how we propose to manage different types of applications across environments.

  4. An Excellent User Experience January 22, 2013 Archived

    Providing an excellent user experience requires more than you might think.

  5. Building an Image Pipeline January 14, 2013 Archived

    Our needs for image dissemination are a bit different than normal.

  6. Standards & Practices January 11, 2013 Archived

    There is a semantic difference between a standard and a practice. I offer my definition of both terms.

  7. Application Environments January 10, 2013 Archived

    Defining our expectations for deploying and managing applications.

  8. A Digital Repository We Can Live With January 3, 2013 Archived

    A modest proposal for taming Hydra


  1. Infrastructure As Code October 29, 2012 Archived

    Forging a path to developer happiness through DevOps.

  2. Responsive Web Design May 24, 2012 Notes

    Let your content adapt to the size of the screen

  3. Stage All Deleted Files In A Git Repository May 14, 2012 Notes

    Saving time with git after files have been removed

  4. Service Excellence May 10, 2012 Archived

    What we need to do to serve our patrons well.

  5. What I Know About The nd.edu Website April 25, 2012 Archived

    Observations and notes about the 2012 responsive redesign of nd.edu.

  6. Next Steps for the Seaside Research Portal April 23, 2012 Archived

    An outline for future development on the Seaside Research Portal.